NAVER Project Flower

NAVER’s core campaign Project Flower
discovers and promotes content creators and SME for their sustainable success.

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The more content that creators and SME make, the more content that users can enjoy and experience. This paradigm has become the catalyst for new business opportunities to provide users with diverse quality content and reach a wider audience. NAVER’s developers, strategists and design architects launched Project Flower in the hopes of encouraging such a mutually beneficial, virtuous cycle. NAVER Project Flower is about promoting the value of niche content, diamonds in the rough, and more. It's about the collective fountain effect of such individual successes.

NAVER provides the technology and platform, the soil for Project Flower to grow and thrive. Advanced technologies exist, such as AI and speech recognition/synthesis, but are regarded as inaccessible. NAVER aims to make these technologies available in our daily lives, and to help individuals leverage these technologies for greater growth and opportunities. This is what drives NAVER's shift to becoming a technology platform. This is what guides NAVER Project Flower.

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NAVER Project Flower
  • NAVER’s Fountain Fund

    Provides a breeding ground for digital transformation and business growth for SMEs and creators with one of the largest funding rounds in Korea.

  • Online Store

    Helps SMEs to navigate their way towards creating online sales funnels and generating more profit through NAVER’s platforms such as Smart Store and Shopping LIVE.

    • NAVER Smart Store
    • NAVER Shopping LIVE
    • NAVER Shopping Window
    • NAVER Pay
    • NAVER TalkTalk
    • NAVER Plus Membership
    • Happybean Empathy Store
  • Offline Store

    Helps SMEs with digital transformation and offline business growth by shifting offline stores to online and by acquiring new users during the pandemic.

    • NAVER Smart Place
    • NAVER Reservation
    • NAVER Order
    • NAVER Coupon
    • NAVER Pay in store
    • Grocery shopping in the local market
    • Smart website, modoo
  • Full Support System for Both Online and Offline SMEs

    NAVER’s technology and infrastructure assists the growth of SMEs from starting their own online and offline stores to growing their business and going global.

    • D-commerce program
    • NAVER Business School
    • Start Zero Fee
    • Return relief care
    • Quick settlement
    • Smart Store business loan brokerage
    • Smart Place business loan brokerage