Green Initiatives

NAVER will greatly reduce its carbon emissions by 2040 by establishing strategies and making mid-
and long-term goals for net-zero carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality and respond to climate change.

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  • Green Initiatives

    • Energy efficiency of the workplace and use of renewable energy
      NAVER strives to operate an eco-friendly building and continually maintain and improve energy efficiency.
    • Eco-friendly business & service discovery
      NAVER pursues green sustainable packaging, and endeavors to create eco-friendly commerce and delivery system.
    • Participation by partners to reduce carbon emission
      NAVER continually discovers decarbonization technologies and forms various plans to invite our partners to take part in reducing carbon footprint.
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2040 Carbon Negative

  • Operational Excellence
    • Retention and improvement of data center PUE
    • Increase use of renewable energy
    • Reduce use of office energy
    • Reduce on-premises transport for reduced environmental impact
  • Future Green Product
    • Increase investments and cooperation for reduction of packaging materials that have an environmental impact
    • Expand eco-friendly fulfillment services
    • Develop and improve sustainable products within Smart Store
  • Offset Partnership
    • Increase investments for decarbonization technologies and projects
    • Develop of carbon footprint offset program and increase participation by partners
    • Participate in global initiatives that take action against climate change