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NAVER as technology platform aims to make advanced technology accessible to all.

NAVERSearch portal—
ranked first in South Korea, ranked fifth in the world

NAVER Mobile provides a contents topic board that connects a series of personal areas of interest centered around in-depth and accurate search services. Additionally, it helps bridge the thoughts and interests of various users, numbering up to 30 million on a daily basis, as well as stimulating transformations, big and small, with the aim of creating a platform that delivers new opportunities.

LINEAn all-in-one platform


Started in 2011 as a messaging app, LINE has grown into a diverse ecosystem of services that are popular around the world. Offering products in AI, fintech, payments, delivery, content, and more, LINE is dedicated to “Closing the Distance,” not only between people but in all aspects of their lives, making everyday life more productive and enjoyable.

NAVER CLOVAThe AI platform of the future


CLOVA is an AI platform that incorporates speech, image recognition and artificial neural network translation into one interactive engine. CLOVA will be built into various NAVER and LINE products, NAVER's smart speaker WAVE, Friends, and other third-party devices and services.

PapagoThe smart multilingual parrot

Papago Icon

Papago is an automated interpretation application that is useful for traveling overseas and communicating in foreign languages. It was developed with NAVER's own technology, which integrates speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, and character recognition. The underlying core NMT (Neural Machine Translation) technology has been uniquely applied to translate sentences as a whole instead of splitting into phrases in order to provide more accurate and contextualized translation services.

WHALERethinking internet browsing


Whale is a web browser that was launched by NAVER after five years of development, with the aim of providing "easy browsing for all." Based on a variety of high-tech features and attractive designs, it offers a new browsing experience, beyond traditional web surfing. In particular, the "omni-tasking" feature allows you to work from one window at a time without having to open multiple windows and has unique and convenient features such as Quick Search, Space and Sidebar. We also have a wide range of extension apps and great design background themes available in our Whale store.

NAVER MapsOne app for all your navigation needs

Navigate your way with NAVER Maps, regardless of whether you’re walking or cycling, driving or taking public transportation. A good map service should change to reflect the changing geographies of a space, and NAVER Maps aims to bring its users the most relevant and up-to-date info for navigating their spaces, through diverse mashups with other space- and location-based services.

WebtoonSouth Korea's top webtoon platform goes global

Webtoon Icon

Since its launch in 2004, NAVER Webtoon has produced a number of best-selling authors, primarily through its unique competition-based system for promoting webtoons. Over the years, NAVER Webtoon has expanded its mobile comics platform overseas to the U.S., China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, going by LINE Webtoon globally. LINE Webtoon attracted a following of over 18 million monthly active users just two years after its initial launch. Buoyed by a loyal user base, NAVER Webtoon is also expanding its intellectual property business into publishing, movies and games.

SERIESContent business platform.


SERIES is a paid content platform that can consume 60,000 genre novels and cartoon contents. We're creating a new business future that combines content and technology in SERIES. It recommends customized content to users with AI technology, provides a vector-based viewer, and implements the functions of the user activities. Creators and readers are meeting to create new experiences and opportunities and continue to grow.

BANDA completely new experience


BAND is a leading group communication app that makes it easier to stay on the same page, and it's always free. Leaders use BAND to manage and communicate with their teams on one platform through critical features like group messaging, notifications, calendars, RSVPs, pictures & videos, polls, signups, and more. Over 25 million groups and 50,000 coaches are already using BAND, including sports teams, school clubs, marching bands, small businesses, and friends. BAND is available for free on iOS, Android, and desktop.

NOWContent for you NOW. We Live NOW.

NOW Icon

Starting in 2019 as “audio shows to listen to on NAVER app”, NOW. has rapidly grown and expanded with its “high quality entertainment content.” NOW. has collaborated with various artists and creators to provide exclusive original content, with the goal to grow both nationally and globally as an entertainment platform for all users. Through partnerships and collaborations with various Content Providers such as network channels, OTT services, film industry, etc., NOW. is a service platform with trendy content that is easily accessible to users.

SNOWA camera that puts fun first


SNOW is a photo and video messenger for mobile with camera, photo and video editing and chat rolled into one. Users can bedazzle their selfies with SNOW’s face-recognition-based stickers or drop visual pins with the location-based stickers, then share it as a Story. Fun and easy to use, SNOW currently has more than 390 million downloads worldwide and continues to grow.

NAVER WORKSChange the way you work. All-in-one collaboration tool

NAVER WORKS is an all-in-one collaboration tool that provides various features necessary for work, such as Message, Mail, Calendar, and Drive. It ranked first in the Japanese business chat software market share and first in the customer satisfaction survey. It is being used by 4 million people in 350,000 companies and institutions in Japan and other regions (as of January 2022). By combining NAVER Cloud's infrastructure as well as NAVER's AI technology (CLOVA, Papago) and security know-how, it creates changes for organizations to become a place where every working people can work efficiently and communicate easily and quickly.